Wave the Wand!

I read this article today (http://www.foodandwine.com/news/amazon-dash-wand) about the new Amazon Dash Wand and thought to myself: that’s genius!  To no surprise, of course. From my perspective, as an RDN, now there will be no excuse to have healthy food in your fridge, most especially once Amazon takes the reigns from Whole Foods. Yes, you will need to have some items in your house initially so you can wave your wand and reorder them, but consequently, you will save time from not having to shop and instead, you can make healthier meals!  Let Alexa find you some healthy recipes, too.  Now you will just need to find someone to actually make you dinner …

P.S. Make sure you have frozen veggies in the freezer so you never have an excuse for running out!


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